April 11, 2016

Services and Rates

Editing Services:

Before we work together, we’ll ask for ten pages of your manuscript. Once we’ve received them, we’ll review your work carefully, free of charge. Our goal in this effort is to get a feeling for where you are in your writing process, which will determine what kind of editing we would be able to provide. We’ll edit those pages to give you an idea what kind of feedback on the page you can expect from us. We seek to turn those ten pages around within twenty-four hours, and we’ll go from there.

  • Proofreading:  Is your manuscript finished? Have you picked through it so many times you’re dizzy? then it’s probably time for a proofread. This is a final read by a practiced eye to catch typos, grammar gaffes, and punctuation issues. We’ll also flag word repetition and any other minor issues. Rate: $.0065/word ($325 for a 50k word manuscript.)
  • Line Editing/Light Critique: This is a more comprehensive edit than a proofread. We’ll fact check, assist with sentence structure, and pick up inconsistencies in plot and characterization. This pass will also catch spelling, grammar, and word repetition issues. Rate: $.0080/word ($400 for a 50k word manuscript.)
  • Content and Developmental Editing: These services are more in-depth reviews of your work, and are described in detail on our story editing page here.
  • First Look: The “First Look” is an analysis of the first 20k words of your manuscript. If you’re not sure if you’re on the right path, or are worried about going too far in the wrong direction, the First Look is the perfect tool to help strengthen the start of your book. The editor will read over those critical first 20k words to highlight areas of concern and strengths including: structure, character development, pacing and plot.

    The First Look involves an initial meeting by phone (usually an hour or two) during which the editor delivers notes and discusses solutions. It’s the perfect starter service for those interested in our Content Editing and Developmental Editing services. (And if you loved your First Look, you are eligible for a discount on our Content Editing services!) Rate: $250 flat fee

Not sure what to expect from the editing process? Check out our detailed explanation here.

Not sure if your manuscript has been formatted correctly for editing? Find a basic guide here.

All editing for publication will be done using Chicago Manual of Style.

Marketing Services:

  • Blurbs: The copy you use to describe your book is the number one way to influence sales once a reader has landed on your page. And if it’s not working for you? You’re losing money. Let Kayti craft a blurb that matches the style and tone of your book–and one that is on target based on genre and market trends. Rate: $75/blurb
  • Back cover copy: If you’re publishing in paperback, you need cover copy that explains what’s inside your book and makes the reader so curious they can’t help but look inside. Because your cover copy sells in a different way than your blurb, these should not be the same. Kayti has years of experience with both. Rate: $75/cover
  • Cover and Blurb Package: Get your blurb and cover copy in one package deal! Rate: $125 for both

 Traditional Publishing Assistance Services:

  • Writing a query can be a daunting task, but if you’re angling to land the agent of your dreams or approaching a publisher on your own, you need to nail it. Get help pulling together a query that will get you a response! Rate: $75/query
  • The first ten pages of your manuscript are the first thing an agent will ask for once your query letter has gotten their attention — and if they ask for more than that, these pages will be the ones that have to hook them enough to keep reading! Get two professional opinions on those first ten pages plus edits and notes from both editors on how to make those pages stronger. Rate: $100/10 pages
  • We also package our query and first ten pages services. Get in touch to learn more !

Writing Services:


Have a story idea you want to put your name on, but you’re not ready to write it yourself? Get in touch about our write-for-hire packages. We can help get you off and running with plot and early writing help, or we can take it much further. Let us know what you need!

Other writing services:

Though fiction is where our hearts lie, Nancy has more than twenty years of corporate experience in technology, healthcare, publishing and military aviation, and has written across industries that span even further. Get in touch – we love a challenge!

  • Write for hire
  • Collateral development
  • Press releases / media alerts
  • Website content creation
  • Blog posts
  • Ghostwriting (articles, books)
  • Speechwriting
  • Presentation development (Powerpoint or Prezi)

Don’t see what you need? Please contact us to learn more about the capabilities we offer.