September 3, 2017

The Evident Ink Team

Evident Ink is a collaboration of professionals from across the publishing industry. With years of experience in all aspects of traditional and indie publishing, short form work, and online publishing (including serials), we have the know-how most writers need to get their story where it needs to go.

Meet the Team:

Nancy – line editing expert

Language is the one thing that has always come naturally to me. Words make sense (sometimes more than people do!) My brain wends its way through prose like some people manipulate numbers. I can see where it works, and where it breaks down.

And I can fix it. I’m an editor, and have been for almost twenty years, working in corporate gigs, for small presses, and with writers on a freelance basis.

I’ve been an editor forever (or it feels that way, at least), but I’m a writer too. I publish both traditionally and independently under a pen name. You can learn more about my books here. 

Becca – content and developmental diva

I have been polishing papers, corporate documentation, and novels for years. My background lies in corporate marketing and journalism, but the path ahead leads headfirst into content and developmental editing.

More than almost anything, I love a good story. Take me on an adventure with you or let me help you navigate the journey with the map you choose. I can help to remove the roadblocks between Point A and an effective narrative. Give me a puzzle that’s got you stuck, and I will figure it out. With me, you have an editor, a coach, a cheerleader, and a friend.

Kayti – blurb and back cover boss

One of the fastest ways to freak a writer out is to tell them you enjoy writing blurbs. After freaking out a LOT of people, it finally occurred to me that I could just write their blurbs for them. It’s win-win.

I love playing with language to create a mood to match the story, to convey just enough to intrigue without giving away too many unnecessary details. And you get to mark that piece off of your pre-release list, stress-free. If you’ve published, and you’re getting clicks on your ads that aren’t translating into sales, the quickest fix is a shiny new blurb.

I’ve worked on back-cover copy for books all over the spectrum, and I keep up with trends, so I’m comfortable in any genre. Let’s sell your books!

Writing blurbs and covers is totally my jam, but sometimes I write longer things too. Like books! Check out my author page here.

Marla – proofreading pro

To me, editing a story is about finding the perfect combination of science and art. The mechanics of grammar and the structure of sentences enhance the fluidity of the ideas authors express. I love helping authors find their voice and present their hard work in the best possible light.

My journalism and public relations experience not only helps me identify the needs of the audience, but also helps me ensure the writer’s message comes across clearly and connects with the reader. I’m intrigued by good stories, and I would love to help you get yours heard!

Lisa – proofreading prodigy

I’m an editor. It’s not just what I do, it’s who I am. I am a proud logophile, lover of the written word.

I’ve been editing and writing professionally for over twenty years; my background is in print and online media. I started out as a traditional newspaper editor (yes, print!) before moving to web content management. I’ve dabbled as a copywriter, speechwriter, ghostwriter, compiler, resume writer, technical writer, and friendly neighborhood scribe.

My goal is to make your words flow effortlessly off the page. I love reading a good book, and I won’t put it down until finished. Let me help you write your best work, and get your name out there!